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RE: turtle origins?

Is it that the sud afrikan paleotologist Broom was the first to propose a diapsid chelonia? I think Lee and Gaffney have proposed the best description of anapsid turtle hypothesis. The position of Lee is attractive in terms of the pareiasaur scute-carapace connection. But Hedges alternative of it being a derivative of the archosaurian armour is also good. But the question is do any cladistic analyses also lift any of the parareptiles such as nyctyphuretids, lanthanosuchids, captorhinomorphs or pareiasaurs lifted into diapsida/sauria? So what is the consensus on the temporal fenestra of the last common ancestor of the amniotes- was it anapsid? So this would this mean that the synapsids and the Diapsids evolved their fenestra independently. DOes this make sense? How good is the support of for a synapsid-diapsid clade to the exclusion of the diapsids? What about the millerosaurs how they behave in more modern analyses? And finally would Limnoscelis be a sister group of all amniotes or nested within it.
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