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RE: Anything new about Pelecanimimus?

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Subject: Anything new about Pelecanimimus?

In the cource of my studies, I have come accross Pelecanimimus polyodon,
that primitive ornithomime with lots of teeth and preserved skin.  My
questions are these:
1) I have heard a wattle/dewlap and a fleshy crest mentioned; what do these
things look like?
2)Have further studies revealed anything more about Pelecanimimus?  I
haven't heard anything about it since its discovery.
3)Isn't it strange that an ornithomime didn't have feathers?  Was this lack
secondary or primary?

Eric Buffetaut believes this might be a spinosaurid and not an ornithomimid.
I like it. This may be a case of dinosaurs mimicking the ostrich mimics. :>