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Re: first message

    Larry says, "Criminy.  Is it really necessary to point this out? This is
Tony's first post to the list.  What a nice friendly place this has become."
Sorry, listers, but this sounds like it was intended as (or should have
been) a personal communication that Larry accidentally sent to the list.

    But, since the subject comes up:  this list it not the place to attack
anyone, and I certainly was not attacking Tony, but making a very passing
and short comment on the stupidity of the web-site statement Tony is
quoting, NOT Tony.  I get sick of the 'dumbifying' of America, lazy copy
writers, and such illogical statements.

    Hopefully, I gave Tony some meaningful, useful information, concisely
and accurately.  Did I accurately answer his questions or didn't I? Let's
dreal with the issues here. Tony deserves no personal attack, but neither do

    As to capitalizing, I simply use those where I normally would use
italics, since the systems of some listers cannot handle rich text.  Maybe I
over-do it, but where's the problem, there?  I hope we will judge one
another by our statements and intentions, not our captializations, etc.

    Larry closes with, "Non-cladistic though this fellow's question may be,
I hope it will not be pointedly ignored like so many coming from non-pros
seem to be these days."

    In fact, I seem to be the only person on the list that has responded to
Tony's perfectly good questions, so is there really any beef here?

    Ray Stanford