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Re: Living dinosaurs?

The name of the African "dinosaur" is Mokele-Mbembe.
The problem with "living"dinosaurs is that if they still live, where are
their fossils through Cenozoic?
Although I'm not a sceptical person (perhaps living dinosaurs exist...), I
think these legends became more popular when many "living fossils" were
discovered like okapi, Limulus, Latimeria, pigmy hippos (now they're
included in fossil genus Hexaprotodon), etc. So, the idea that dinosaurs and
other pre-historic beast survived in Amazonia, Africa ou Southeastern Asia
became more "plausible".

Joao SL
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> --- TONY <tony@razsemi.com> wrote:
> > I will keep on sending the stupidest questions ever,
> > just because they
> > need an answer.
> There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
> And you shouldn't be made to feel that your questions
> are "stupid."
> The stock answer is, "yes there are -- birds."
> Other than birds, though, it seems that the dinosaurs
> are a thing of the past.  I think there's supposed to
> be a sauropod in Africa called Inga-binga-bonga-binga
> or something like that.  Seems a bit dubious to me, I
> must say.
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