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Re: Living dinosaurs?

At 03:17 PM 09/08/00 -0400, ELurio@aol.com wrote:
Indeed that's true. But there is a large difference between, say, a largish
forest antelope and a bunyip. The weirder the large animal the less likely it
is to be found.

I would alter this somewhat. It is not that the saola (which is actually closer to cattle than to antelopes) is more or less "weird" than a bunyip. The big difference here is that the saola is simply not a cryptid. It is not an animal rumoured to exist for years, reported by just about everyone except scientists, without specimen evidence. The saola (though it was certainly known to local villagers) was not even a glimmer in a cryptozoologist's eye on the day that John MacKinnon's team arrived in the Vu Quang area and found, on their first day, horns and skulls of the animal hanging on hunters' walls. It moved from total unknown to confirmed, specimen-backed discovery in one day.

That is usually the way discoveries like this are made. I am fond of saying that despite all the discoveries of the past half-century not one of Bernard Huevelmans' cryptids has turned up. That leads me to the belief that cryptids by their very nature are the least likely creatures to really be discovered, because, paradoxically, they are seen too often. Scientists aren't, by and large, idiots, and the more an animal collects rumours without scientific confirmation the less likely it is to be real.

BTW, it seems that every time I challenge cryptozoologists on this point I get the giant squid tossed in my face. If the best story they can come up with is over 120 years old, though, it doesn't say much for cryptozoology!

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