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Re: Why Elephants Have Big Ears

On Tue, 08 Aug 2000 09:29:03  
 chris lavers wrote:
>Dear all
>please forgive what might appear to be shameless advertising, but I've just
>returned to find a couple of messages from list members who are having
>trouble getting a copy of my new book. [(2000). Why Elephants Have Big
>Ears: Nature's Engines and the Order of Life. Gollancz: London. ISBN
>If you want a Commonwealth version, complete with embarassing errors, the
>cheapest way is through AMAZON.CO.UK. 
>The reason it's not listed on AMAZON.COM is because the US version isn't
>out yet (German, US and Japanese translations are due in 6-9 months).

This is another great book, let me add.  Chris arranged for me to get a review 
copy of the British version a few months back, and a review should appear on my 
site soon.

The chapter on dinosaur endothermy is of obvious interest to this list, but the 
other chapters are very interesting as well.


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