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Mystery: Who was John Moore?

Hey group,
Well, I just returned from that nice, long, and relaxing trip to New England 
and Quebec, and was able to visit about five paleo sites and museums.  Among my 
stops were the Redpath Museum in Montreal (a must see for any of you going to 
Montreal), the Pratt Museum at Amherst College in Mass., Dinosaur State Park in 
Rocky Hill, CT., and the Boston Museum of Science (the real Sue is a little 
better than the cast :-)  

I would like to thank all who helped me find information for the trip, among 
those being Jason Anderson, Stanley Friesen, Josh Smith, Gary Gaulin, Chris 
Brochu, Graeme Worth, and a few others on this list (sorry for those who I have 

The museums, of course, were nice, but the biggest surprise of the trip 
occurred in Woodstock, Vermont.  There I was browsing in an antique bookstore 
when I came across a small book written by Henry Fairfield Osborn.  The title 
is "Evolution and Religion" and it was published by Charles Scribner's of New 
York in 1923.  The book basically is H.F. Osborn's 1923 rebuttal to a William 
Jennings Bryan editorial in the NY Times, only reprinted in book form.

My question is this:  When I opened up the book I was astonished to see 
Osborn's name plate from the American Museum in New York.  On this name plate 
these words were written by Osborn "To John Moore with a Merry Christmas."

Who was John Moore?  Does anybody have any clue?  I have checked in several of 
my books and have asked around, but nobody seems to know.  He may not even be a 
paleo person at all.  I would be very interested in anyone's responses.  

And, one more clue to the possible answer, apparently somebody named Margaret 
J. Frazier also owned the book, as she wrote her name near the bottom of the 
first page.  

Thanks to all, 
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