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Mike Keesey wrote:
<<Why, if a) the current usage of Coelurosauria is widely understood, and b)
 Coelurosauria was phylogenetically defined earlier (Coeluria has never
 been phylogenetically defined), and c) Coeluria originally only included
 _Coelurus_, even though another (non-avian) coelurosaur (_Compsognathus_)
 was well-known at the time.>>

Additionally, it should be pointed out that on the same >page< that Marsh 
coined Coeluria (with the sole member _Coelurus agilis_), Marsh also coined 
the group Compsognathia, with the sole member being _Compsognathus longiges_. 
 I don't think that Marsh's intent with >either< of these names was to form a 
large all inclusive group, and they should both be viewed the same way as 
Paleopoda and Thecodontia....

Pete Buchholz