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RE: Phylogeny vs. taxonomy, and the Fightin' Dinos exhibit at AMNH (was RE: Rock'n'roll !)

Having been to the fighting dinosaur exhibit at the AMNH and many other
special exhibits at the museum, I can say that the $15 fee, although very
reasonable in my opinion, is not a suggested donation. It is mandatory. If
you are only going to the museum, there are signs suggesting a donation of
$6 be paid in exchange for admission to the museum.  However, special
exhibits such as the fighting dinosaurs carry a mandatory entrance fee, as
they should.  Payment of the fee to the special exhibit includes admission
at no additional donation to the entire museum.<<

Suggested exchange for admission to the museum is a misnomer. If your not
going to see someone or visit the library or do research, just try and walk
into the museum without paying anything. Won't happen at the AMNH, I know.