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Re: Aves and Mononykus

In a message dated Thu, 10 Aug 2000  9:56:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, dbensen 
<dbensen@gotnet.net> writes:

<<Also.  There were alvarezsaurids in South America, right?>>

Yup.  _Alvarezsaurus_ itself, for one.  _Patagonykus_, for another.

<<Were there any ornithomimes there?>>

Nope.  And _Alvarezsaurus_ looks very different from _Mononykus_ and _Shuvuuia_ 
(though _A._ is maddeningly incomplete).  The foot of _A._ looks *much* more 
like that of a dromaeosaur or early bird than it looks like the foot of an 

Nick P.