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RE: Aves and Mononykus

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> <<Were there any ornithomimes there?>>
> Nope.  And _Alvarezsaurus_ looks very different from _Mononykus_
> and _Shuvuuia_ (though _A._ is maddeningly incomplete).  The foot
> of _A._ looks *much* more like that of a dromaeosaur or early
> bird than it looks like the foot of an ornithomimid.
To be fair, Sereno is not suggesting that alvarezsaurids are derived from
Ornithomimidae.  Instead, the suggestion is that alvarezsaurids and
ornithomimids are sister taxa.  Sereno assumes that the arctometatarsus of
mononykine alvarezsaurids and advanced ornithomimids evolved independantly.

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