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Re: Need help doing phylogenetic analyses

> >Hi everyone.  This is directed to those of you who use PAUP to perform
> >phylogenetic analyses.  I do as well, but since I have a new beta version, I
> >don't have a manual yet.  I can perform analyses just fine, but I need to
> >know how to find out which characters support which clade in the trees that
> >are generated.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
> >
> >Mickey Mortimer

The way to do this in the beta version of PAUP 4 is to pull down the
"trees" menu and go to the "describe trees" option. Then simply click on
the "list of apomorphies" button in the output box, and select which of
your trees you want to describe (assuming there is more than one), then
you will get a cladogram with each node numbered and a long list of
character state changes (ie synapomorphies) for each branch between each


Adam Yates