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Re: did I miss any????? (hunting dromaeosaur references)

For what it's worth, Ostrom also published on the _Tenontosaurus_/_Deinonychus_
associations in one of the Dinofest symposium volumes, but I don't recall which
one.  It may have had newer information, as I believe it was written after the 
paper.  Maybe Tracy or George can ID this one for you.

In addition, there is a mention of a "coprolite" within the body of an
unidentified dromaeosaur from the Gobi at AMNH in the book, _Discovering 
in the American Museum of Natural History_, hardcover edition.  There is now a
paperback revised edition out.  I don't know if the specimen is mentioned in the
update, but I suppose that it is.  Being internal to the body, the "coprolite"
should probably be termed a "cololite," and it is said to hold the bones of a
small mammal or lizard.  According to correspondence with Karen Chin, it is in
fragile condition, and it is unlikely to be fully studied or described any time
soon.  Still, the specimen suggests that dromaeosaurs sometimes ate very small
animals which didn't require group hunting.  Hunting behaviors may have varied
between taxa and between individuals of different ontogenic stages (ages).

Regarding the _Troodon_ nest article, _Troodon_ is not considered to be a
dromaeosaur, although it may have been a Patty-Duke-like cousin.

I trust you've scoured through Paul's _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_ for
additional help.

Let us know if you dig up anything new and provocative!

-- Ralph W. Miller III    gbabcock@best.com