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did I miss any?????

Sirs and ladies,

     I have narrowed my topic for my scholarship paper from the social
interactions of dromaeosaurids to just the hunting behaviours of
dromaeosaurids. And, I have two papers (Jim Kirkland's paper on Utahraptor,
and Maxwell and Ostrom's  "Taphonomy adn Paleobiological Implications of
Tenontosaurus-Deinonychus Associations" from the JVP). And intend on obtaining
two more papers in the near future. Included here are names of other papers
that I intend to obtain:

Currie, P. J. (1995). New information on the anatomy and relationships of
DDrmoaeosauridae albertensis (Dinosaruia: Theropoda). J. Vertebrate Paleontol.
15, 576-591

Osborn, H. F. (1924). Three new theropoda, Protoceratops Zone, Central
Mongolia. Am. Museum Nat. History Novitates 144, 12.

Ostrum, J. H. (1985) Social and unsocial behavior in dinosaurs. Field Museum
Nat. History 55(9), 10-21.

Varricchio, D. J., Jackson, F., Borlowski, J., and Horner, J. R. (1997) Nest
and egg clutches fo rhte theropod dinosaurs Troodon formosus and evolution of
avian reproductive traits. Nature, in press. 

Sues, H.-D. 1977. The skull of Velociraptor mongoliensis, a small Cretaceous
theropod dinosaur from Mongolia. Paläontologie Zeitschrift 51:173-184. 

Colbert, E.H. and Russell, D.A. 1969. The small dinosaur Dromaeosaurus.
American Museum Novitates 2380:1-49. 

   So, I was wondering if there were any more that I should look into?

                                        Thank you very much,
                                        Caleb Lewis

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