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RE: Rock'n'roll !

Eric Lurio wrote:

This was during the
Losgmata(sic) discussion, in which someone very angrilly chastised me for
stating that someone should mount an expedition to find another one.

That was probably me, but I don't remember my posting being a chastisement, more a word of caution. If you do mean to go to SW Kyrkyzstan to search for _Longisquama_, remember to bring your can of Terrorist Repellent. I'd hate to see anyone kidnapped by Islamic militants - even you Eric.


(By the way, I'm no expert on English language, but is the above usage of "sic" entirely correct?)


Actually, in checking in the archives, you were not chastised at all.
However, it was pointed out that that particular neck of the woods of
central Asia is unsafe for foreign travellers at present.  Here is Tim
William's informative posting:
As you can see, there was no malice in that, just clarification (and
specifically the mention of the kidnapping of the Japanese geologists)

(Personally, I'd love to get there when I don't have to worry about being

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