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Re: Cooperation between amateurs and professionaly...

    Larry Dunn responded to my puzzlement with a useful hint:" _Protohadros

    O.K.  The light dawns!  Gary Byrd, is discoverer of that very early (or
earliest known) Hadrosaurid, and is, in fact, an *amateur* paleontologist.
Some, like paleontologist Jason Head, who authored the paper on this
important discovery, consider the find especially important, because it
could be interpreted as pointing to a North American origin for Hadrosaurs.

    See the abstract of "A new species of basal hadrosaurid (Dinosauria,
Ornithischia) from the Cenomanian of Texas" by clicking on:
http://www.museum.state.il.us/svp/jvp/18-718-738.html .

    Thanks for reminding me (and some others among us) of this important
find by am amateur, Larry.

    Ray Stanford