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Logo Contest for Fourth Annual International Dinosaur Month - IDM 2000 Officially Annnounced

Logo Contest for Fourth Annual International Dinosaur Month - IDM 2000
Officially Annnounced


August 14, 2000

We are pleased to announce the fourth annual international contest for a
Logo for IDM 2000 - The Year of the Dinosaur.

It is open to any individual who would like to enter. There are no age
or national restrictions.

The winning entry or entries will be used to help publicize this
international not-for-profit, educational event. The name of the artist
will be mentioned prominentaly in all promotional materials for the

It is anticipated that the winning logo will be displayed in science
museums, libraries and schools all over the world as well as the World
Wide Web.

International Dinosaur Month is an annual event intended to encourage
interest in the sciences. IDM 2000 is the fourth annual event.

PLEASE FORWARD this announcement and post it prominently in appropriate


1) The logo should be clear and suitable for reproduction in a variety
of sizes and media. That is, it should be legible and attractive when
both small and large.
1A) This year, entrants may submit two variant designs: one intended for
large reproduction and a second one intended as a small banner for
online, World-Wide-Web usage. This is OPTIONAL.
2) It may be in color and in any media.
3) It must include a dinosaur as part of the design.
4) It must include the name: International Dinosaur Month
5) It may optionally include " IDM 2000"
6) It may optionally include the date: October 1-31, 2000
7) It may optionally include the phrase "Year of the Dinosaur"


1) The contest closes at midnight  September 25, 1998.

2) By E-mail
Format of electronic submissions: Submissions may be made in .jpg or
.gif or .tiff format to: artwork@dinosaur.org by e-mail. They should not
exceed 400KB in size. We may request higher resolution images from

3) By snail mail:


Submissions may be made in any form suitable for reproduction to:
c/o DInosaur Interplanetary Gazette
Planetarium Station,
POB 502-Contest 2000
New York, NY 10024-0502

4) Submissions MUST be accompanied by your:
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Phone Number
e-mail address
You may optionally include your age and a brief statement about your
occupation and intention (student? professional artist? School

5) Snail mail submissions should be packed carefully to avoid bending
and marked appropriately. Remember, DO NOT SEND YOUR ONLY ORIGINAL COPY.

1) All entries become property of Dinosaurs International, a not for
profit corporation in the public interest which is the parent
organization of International Dinosaur Month.
2) No entries can be returned, so PLEASE do not send the only copy of
your work.
3) WInners will be announced in September.
4) Decisions of the judges will be final.
5) An additional prize may be offered, but will be announced separately,
if at all.
6) Any modifications to the rules or terms of submission will be
announced publically.
7) Contest closes September 25, 2000. e-mails must be received by then
or postmarked by midnight of that day.
8) Entries will be judged upon: Originality, Appropriateness to theme,

The Honorary Board of Directors for International Dinosaur Month

Sue Blakey, Wyoming Dinosaur Center USA

Howard Bloom, founder: International Paleopsychology Project; member:
New York Academy of Sciences, American Association for the Advancement
of Science, American Psychological Society, Academy of Political
Science,  Human Behavior and Evolution Society, European Sociobiological
Society USA

Dr. Philip J. Currie, Paleontologist, Royal Tyrrell Museum, Alberta,

Samuel R. Delany, Writer, critic, Professor of Comparative Literature,
University of Massachusetts at Amherst, State University of New York at
Buffalo, Temple University. USA

James Gurney, Author, Dinotopia, James Gurney's World of Dinosaurs,
dinosaur illustrator, painter of 1997 United States Postal Service
Dinosaur Stamps, USA

Kelly Milner Halls, Author: Dino-Trekking; Special Features Editor, Kids
Read on America  Online (AOL), Contributor to: Chicago Tribune, Atlanta
Journal Constitution, Writer's Digest, Family Fun, Highlights for
Children. USA

Dr. Narisetti Innaiah, Noted Author,  Journalist, Translator (Telugu) &
Lecturer in Philosophy of Science, India

Mary Kirkaldy, Co-Chair: The Dinosaur Mailing List, Noted Dinosaur
Enthusiast and Paleontological Promotor. USA

Dr. Paul Kurtz, Professor Emeritus in Philosophy at State University of
New York at Buffalo; Chairman of The Committee for the Scientific
Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP). USA

Don Lessem Noted popular Paleontology Author, founder of The Dinosaur
Society, technical advisor to Steven Spielberg's motion picture Jurassic
Park. USA

Mark Norell, Paleontologist, American Museum of Natural History, New
York, New York, USA

Karen L. Podd, President of Buffalo Diocese and Liturgical Commission;
Instructor in Theology, Narden Academy, Buffalo, New York, USA.


Edward Summer, Chairman

e-mail:  IDM2000@Juno.Com

Voice Mail and FAX - 917-477-4906

International Dinosaur Month
Dinosaurs International
Planetarium Station
POB 502-IDM2000
New York, NY 10024-0502

Fourth Annual International Dinosaur Month - IDM2000 - October 1-31,
IDM98, c/o SCG, Planetarium Station, POB 502, NY, NY 10024-0502