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Re: New Iguanodontid

Tracy Ford wrote-
Xu et al have described a new iguanodontid from China, Nanyangosaurus zhugeii. This is the same one mentioned in an poster at last years SVP (I think it was a poster, abstract for sure). Known elements are a few dorsals, sacrals, caudals, front and hind limbs.


Xu, Zing, Xi-Jin Zhao, Jun-Chang Lu, Wang-bo Huang, Zhang-Yang Li and Zhi-Ming Dong, 2000. A new Iguanodontian from Sangping Formation of Neixiang, Henan and its stratigraphical implications. Vertebrata PalAsiatica, Volume 38, Number 3: 186-193.


I have an entry for a hadrosaurid named Nanyoungosaurus from the Late Cretaceous of China, which is in all probability the same specimen.  Anyone have more information related to when and where this name first appeared?


Mickey Mortimer