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Re: maniraptor eggs

>"Cal" said:
>    There is dispute and considerable uncertainty over the ownership of the
>eggs.  Toomey cited several references for the identity of the eggs. I find
>them wanting. The identity of the Oviraptor "nests" remains problematic
>because this "nest" contains unidentified (assumed dromaeosaurid) remains
>another species which Feduccia (1999) claims not to be dromaeosaurid,
>because a baby Velociraptor has theropod teeth but the skulls found in the
>Oviraptor nest do not. Carpenter (1999) says little concerning the identity
>of the supposed Troodon eggs. So this reference is no help. The other
>reference Toomey cited was out of my reach behind the reference desk (I had
>no library card). Feduccia (1999) disputes the claims that the eggs belong
>to Oviraptor. Further, theropod eggs from the Jurassic are apparently
> That casts considerable doubt as to whether theropods even laid eggs. To
>summarize, there is no eggshell evidence until we can positively identify
>theropod eggs.

I forward this eggshell post to Ken Carpenter, and got this response:

>   "We DO know theropod eggs conclusively based on associations of embryos
and eggs directly: Troodon in >continuoolithus canadensis, oviraptorid (new
genus) in Macroelongatoolithus xixia; Oviraptor in >Elongatoolithus sp. And
indirectly: Oviraptor among Elongatoolithus eggs (a dozen specimens know
known), >There is also the two entact elongatoolithid eggs in pelvic region
of Sinosauropteryx.  All the eggshell of >these eggs are of the ornithoid,
or avian type. As for Jurassic theropod eggs, embryonic bones of cf.
>Lourinhanosaurus with Preprismatoolithus eggs, which are closes to
ornithoid type eggs. Some of this was >discussed in my book, contrary to
what one has said.
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