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RE: A recent dinosaur discovery?

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I heard not to long ago that someone discovered the fossils of a group of meat eating dinosaurs.  These theropods were about the size of T-Rex and they believed that these dinosaurs hunted in packs.  What came of this discovery and did they name these new dinosaurs?
Thank you Dennis Millay 
The specimens in question have not been described or named yet.  It takes time to remove the specimens from the ground, get them back to a museum, prepare the bones from the rock, compare the bones to those of previously discovered specimens, take the photographs and measurements and drawings, write up the paper, submit the paper, get the paper edited, get the paper accepted, get the paper published, and then out...
So, it will be months (at best), and a year or so (more likely) before these guys are named (if indeed they are a new species).

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