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Re: 31st International Geological Congress- Brazil

Does anybody knows more about this prosauropod?

Thanks and cheers from Germany

Heinz Peter Bredow

Octávio Mateus wrote on August 8, 2000:

> - Leal et al.- New data on a prosauropod dinosaur from the Late Triassic of 
> Southern Brazil.

Darren Naish wrote on January 4, 2000:

> de Azevedo, S. A. K., da Rosa, A. A. S., Boelter, R. A. and Leal, L. A.
> A prosauropod dinosaur from the Late Triassic of southern Brasil.

> Fairly decent material (including left maxilla with 12 teeth, rostral
> parts of jaws, pectoral girdles and forelimbs, vertebrae, ribs and 
> gastralia) from Agua Negra (close to Santa Maria City) in Rio Grande 
> do Sul (this is a Brazilian state if you're wondering). The teeth are 
> homodont or weakly heterodont, described as spatulate and with 
> coarse, obliquely angled serrations.