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New Refs

Hi All -

Some new refs came my way that I don't recall having seen on the list -- sorry if any are repeats:

Naish, D. 2000. A small, unusual theropod (Dinosauria) femur from the Wealden Group (Lower Cretaceous) of the Isle of Wight, England. _Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaontologie Monatshefte_ 2000(4): 217-234.

Sereno, P.C. 2000. _Iberomesornis romerali_ (Aves, Ornithothoraces) reevaluated as an Early Cretaceous enantiornithine. _Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaontologie Abhandlungen_ 215(3): 365-395.

Horner, J. 2000. Dinosaur reproduction and parenting. _Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Science_ 28: 19-45.

Galton, P.M. 2000. The prosauropod dinosaur _Plateosaurus_ Meyer, 1837 (Saurischia: Sauropodomorpha). I. The syntypes of _P. engelhardti_ Meyer, 1837 (Upper Triassic, Germany), with notes on other European prosauropods with "distally straight" femora. _Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaontologie Abhandlungen_ 216(2): 233-275.

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