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RE: SVP 2000 Program schedule

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> >SVP 2000 Program schedule

I just want to point out: ONLY the program scedule is available now.  The
abstracts won't be seen until the September issue of Journal of Vertebrate
Paleontology is published.  So the short answer to your questions are:
maybe, but we don't know.

> There was a Sampson et al that talked about a theropod with a bizzare
> dentition. Is this Majungasaurus or some other new one. COuld any
> one kindly
> provide the abstract?

_Majungatholus_ (prefered name over _Majungasaurus_) has typical abelisaurid
dentition.  I suspect this paper will be about the weird little, almost
spinosaurid-like theropod snout, but it could be something else entirely.

> there is a Coria et al on a new abelisaur? Is the same as what they found
> associated with the dinosaur eggs reported in Nature?

I suspect so, as Chiappe & Dingus are the second and third authors.

> Are any details reagarding its phylogeny available?


> Clarke et al the Mongolian avialian: what is this one?

Don't know: I'm wondering if it might be the "Protoavis"-headed coelurosaur
on display at the AMNH fighting dino exhibit, but I honestly don't know.
The AMNH-Mongolian expeditions have produced an vast quantity of little
guys, so it will be some time before all of them are described.

> And the new avimimus skeleton- does this tell us something about its
> phylogeny?

God, I HOPE so!

> Thanks in  advance
> EA

Sorry I couldn't provide more information.

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