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Re: Dinosaurs footprints found in Italy

On Wed, 23 Aug 2000 16:44:24  
 Garrison Hilliard wrote:
> Dinosaurs footprints found in Italy
>ROME (AP) - The discovery of as many as 60 dinosaurs footprints in
>the "spur" of the Italian peninsula has added new evidence to the
>theory that Italy was once part of a land mass attached to the
>African continent, geologists said Tuesday. The three-fingered
>footprints, some as long as 18 inches, were found in June in a cave
>near San Giovanni Rotondo, in the southeastern region of Puglia, said
>Alfonso Bosellini, a geology professor and the head of the group of
>researchers who made the recently announced discovery. "It is not as
>if you can be 100 percent sure, but at this point it is highly
>probable that Italy was connected to Africa," Bosellini told AP. See

I heard about this a few days ago, and was interested to learn more about these 
prints.  The full article says the prints are about 120-130 million years old.  
My first question on the subject, immediately upon reading the article, was if 
these prints were at all related to some of the tracks found in the Northern 
Italian Dolomite Alps (which are being studied by the group Alessandro Marisa 
is a part of).  

The northern Italian prints are Cretaceous in age, so obviously they are not 
related.  But, from my readings I have heard that there is some debate about 
the age of southern Italian sediments (meaning that they may indeed be 
Cretaceous-meaing the two print locales may be related).  Does anyone know 
anything of this?


P.S. You can see photos of these Northern Italian tracks at 

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