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Re: Details on Huaibasaurus

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

Finally, the description of Mamenchisaurus youngi was also sent (and is also
in Chinese). The skeleton is complete except for some dorsal ribs, [snip]

Wow! Do you have the complete reference for this paper? (If it was mentioned before, I missed it.)

 The skull is very well preserved and similar to

Do the authors comment on the affinities of _Mamenchisaurus_? (I know the paper is in Chinese - but do they have a cladogram or anything?)
There are two very different view on the relationships of _Mamenchisaurus_ vs _Euhelopus_. One view (Upchurch) is that the two (and _Omeisaurus_) belong to a monophyletic family near the base of the Eusauropoda.
The other view (Wilson + Sereno) is that the two are not closely related: _Euhelopus_ is a derived titanosauriform, and _Mamenchisaurus_ is probably a far more basal form (consistent with Upchurch's analysis).


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