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Re: Hello!..and a question.

Taormina (Tara) asked:
I live in Massachusetts, and well..the only dinosaur
remains I've heard of occurring in Massachusetts
rocks, or even in all of New England, are trackways in
the Connecticut River Valley and some possible
Anchisaurus (polyzelus?) and/or Coelophysis sp.
remains.  Not that this isn't a good thing, it's
great, but I'd like to know if anything else has been
found here.  By "anything," I mean anything older than
maybe the Pleistocene; but Mesozoic fauna if possible.

New England has lots of rocks that are older, but not many fossils. If you want to investigate New England geology, you might check out the New England Intercollegiate Geology Conference, http://www.neigc.org which runs three days of field trips every year in early October. It's mostly geology, but every once in a while they have some fossil trips. Their field trip handbooks have lots of information on interesting geological sites, but not much on fossils.

DO check out the dinosaur trackways in the Connecticut River valley, and try to visit the Pratt Museum at Amherst College, which has some wonderful track fossils.

-- Jeff Hecht