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RE: Electronicly published: why don't modern birds have teeth?

My understanding is that some mutant chickens were found (on occasion) with
some tooth-like structures.  The phrase is an offshoot from these
miscellaneous appearances.

Stephen J. Gould has a book titled "Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes", which
contains an essay with the same name.  I believe he also describes
Napoleon's 3-toed horse (The two extra toes were definitely vestigial - they
didn't even touch the ground).

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Tom Holtz wrote:
<A developmental biology paper explaining why modern birds don't have teeth>

Cool stuff. Cheng-Ming is an old buddy of mine from Rockefeller University
days. He's always involved in strange chicken development experiments.

Makes me wonder, could the old phrase, "rare as hen's teeth" have a basis in
fact? Some kind of revertant-mutation? Now, if we can just find a toothy
chicken with unguals and a little more tail . . .

Tom Hopp