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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #146

The following paper arrived today, courtesy of Tracy Ford and his 
subscription to Vertebrata PalAsiatica:

Xu, Zhao, LÃ, Huang, Li & Dong, 2000. "A new iguanodontian from Sanping 
Formation of Neixiang, Henan and its stratigraphical implications," Vertebrata
 PalAsiatica 38(3): 176-191 [July 2000; in Chinese with English abstract].

The new iguanodontian is Nanyangosaurus zhugeii, a dinosaur about 4.5 m long, 
type specimen a very postcranial adult skeleton including partial forelimbs, 
the rear of the back, hips, nearly complete hind limbs, and almost all of the 
tail (mainly missing chevrons). Geological age is not known with certainty 
but is apparently Albian.

Etymology of name comes from Nanyang, a place name, and Zhuge Liang, an 
ancient historical figure (politician) from Nanyang.

Cladistic analysis (a character matrix in Chinese[!] is provided) suggests Nan
yangosaurus branches off somewhere between Probactrosaurus and the hadrosaurs.

Accordingly, I've added as genus #890 to the Dinosaur Genera List:

Nanyangosaurus Xu, Zhao, LÃ, Huang, Li & Dong, 2000

and to the list of Asiatic dinosaur species, forthcoming in Mesozoic 
Meanderings #3 second printing:

Nanyangosaurus Xu, Zhao, LÃ, Huang, Li & Dong, 2000
    N. zhugeii Xu, Zhao, LÃ, Huang, Li & Dong, 2000â

Also, I can now confirm that the spelling of the name Huabeisaurus allocotus 
(DGL corrections #145) is correct.