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At 03:33 PM 8/21/00 +0100, darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
Salgado's new reconstruction of _Amargasaurus_ is interesting: as per
Greg Paul's reconstruction, the cervical spines are independent spikes,
not part of a sail. Particularly odd is his assertion that the axis-skull
articulation means that the head would habitually have been held
pointing downward and with the muzzle pointing slightly caudally.
How the animal would have looked ahead of itself is a problem. The
phantom bump on the lower jaw is there: Greg will be pleased:)

I know the argument is that poor _Amargasaurus_ couldn't have moved its head much with a sail stiffening its neck, but is that really true?

Where can I find Greg Paul's restoration (or any descent pic
for that matter) of _Amargasaurus_?

                                                -- Dave