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Re: more info on ornithischians

George Olshevsky wrote-

> Gobisaurus is an ankylosaur from Mongolia (where else, with a name like
> that?) and its name was published in a pop-sci dino book by Phil Currie
> someone else. The specimen was on display with the "Greatest Show
> traveling dino exhibit from the Canada-China Dinosaur Project.

Apparenty Spiner, Currie and Sovak, 1994.  If anyone can get me the complete
reference, I'd appreciate it.

> The name Gadolosaurus was first published in a Chinese pop-sci dino book
> back in 1981, and the name appears to be a miserable transliteration of
> word "hadrosaur." It was in the caption to a photo of a juvenile
> or iguanodontian skeleton. The specimen will be described by David Norman
> his ongoing series on the iguanodontians and hadrosaurians of Asia, and it
> might even be a new genus. For a while everyone thought this was a
> Arstanosaurus, but evidently this is a ceratopian, not a hadrosaur as
> originally described.

Thanks a lot for the info George, but I must point out that Arstanosaurus
was determined by Norman (1997) to be a (probable) lambeosaurine hadrosaurid
most similar to Bactrosaurus.  The tooth roots were originally described as
being ceratopsid-like, but this was in error.

Mickey Mortimer