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Re: more info on ornithischians

In a message dated 8/27/00 0:28:32 AM EST, mickey_mortimer@email.msn.com 

<< Thanks a lot for the info George, but I must point out that Arstanosaurus
 was determined by Norman (1997) to be a (probable) lambeosaurine hadrosaurid
 most similar to Bactrosaurus.  The tooth roots were originally described as
 being ceratopsid-like, but this was in error. >>

Right. Forgot about this paper. So Gadolosaurus might prove to be a juvenile 
Arstanosaurus after all. I also recall Mike Brett-Surman telling me he 
thought the Gadolosaurus skeleton wasn't hadrosaurian but something  more 
camptosaurian or iguanodontian.