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Kid in a Candy Factory

Hello DinoListers:

Yup, I feel just like a kid in a candy factory.
I just mamaged to arrange some days off (3 weeks - I'll only have 5
weeks left when I return - always too short-handed to get days off) and
sent my application for SVP and payment Tuesday to attend the St.Paul

Now I'm open for suggestions for side trips on the 1800 mile drive from
Miami Beach to St.Paul. 

I plan to stop at the Fernwood Museum in Atlanta, Georgia to see
_Giganotosaurus_ and _Argentinosaurus_. As if I won't get enough at the
show, I want MORE. (I almost died when I heard for the first time about
the Russian Dinos in Daytona Beach, a mere 254 miles from my door, were
leaving and must console myself.)

Suggestions so I may plan my route?

Michael Patrick Corriss
Miami Beach