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RE: Eumaniraptora stuff again......

Steven Mahon wrote:

I had heard that some of the suspected basal
Dromaeosaurids were in fact, closer to birds!!! (e.g.
*Sinornithosaurus* & *Achillobator*)

_Achillobator_ is a basal dromaeosaurid? That does not appear very likely. There is an emerging consensus that derived dromaeosaurids (including _Velociraptor_) reversed many of the bird-like characters present in basal dromaeosaurids (e.g., _Microraptor_, _Sinornithosaurus_). These "bird-like" characters are actually primitive eumaniraptoran traits, and were differentially lost in derived dromaeosaurids. _Achillobactor_, which appears the least "bird-like" of any dromaeosaurid, might represent the extreme end of this trend.


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