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Fur flies as Experts Feud * Love match arranged for Dinosaur Plants * Giant Dino Feces Excites * Not Just a Bed of Red Rock * DINOSAURNEWS

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**  Fossils a great find for the museum
The outcome of Archibald's last study in the Vancouver area, was a
classification of an entire new species of insects from the Jurassic period

**  Unique link of desi dinosaurs
As part of the foundation day celebrations at the Birbal Sahni Institute of
Palaeobotany on Saturday, professor Ashok Sahni, Centre of Advanced Study in
Geology delivered a lecture on 'Dinosaurs of India: dead but alive'

**  Ancient Footprints in Peril: Mine reclamation may bury history
Had it not been for the coal mine, the trove of prehistoric amphibian and
reptile prints - a site scientists say qualifies as "one of the most
important fossil trackway sites in the world" - might never have been

**  Not just a bed of red rock
Very few bone fossils are found in the Newark Basin, and paleontologists are
not sure whether the red beds were a poor medium for preservation, or
whether few dinosaurs died in the basin so their bones could be fossilized


**  Feature Site: Project Prosauropod
Become part of Project Prosauropod and watch as researchers uncover the 200
million year old skeleton of a prosauropod dinosaur. See VIDEO

**  Love match arranged for plants of the dinosaur era
Botanists have played Cupid for a pair of ancient plants, known as cycads,
which date back 245 million years to the Triassic period

**  Community fossil dig begins in western Qld
Museum spokesman Scott Hocknull says the excavation is planned near the site
where Australia's largest dinosaur fossil was found three years ago

**  Obituary - Charles Lee Pillmore Geologist
Charles Lee Pillmore, 73, whose discovery of a Tyrannosaurus rex track
helped paleontologists better understand the dinosaur, died Aug. 22

**  Giant dino feces excites researchers
A team of Canadian and American scientists have identified a fossil found in
southeastern Alberta as the world's largest dinosaur "dropping."

**  Fur flies as dinosaur experts feud
"This affair has become an object lesson on how partisan and unethical the
whole dinosaur controversy has become," said Norman MacLeod, keeper of
paleontology at London's Natural History Museum

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