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Re: Pterosaur celebration

At 06.22 16/09/2003 -0500, David Peters wrote:
Why celebrate the 30th year of the discovery of Eudimorphodon?

Is it because National Geographic anointed Eudimorphodon as the great
grand-daddy of them all? Unwin points to Preondactylus and Kellner likes
Batrachognathus in that role.
No, the reason is historical, not phylogenetic.
Eudimorphodon was collected and published before
other Triassic pterosaurs. Thus it is the first Italian pterosaur .
The first paper on Eudimorphodon ranzii is not the well known one by Wild 1978 but a previous more obscure note by Zambelli, who dedicated the species to a renowned professor of Zoology of Milano University, Silvio Ranzi. Being written in Italian language by a fish expert, it is feasible that it was skipped outside Italy.
Besides that, Eudimorphodon in Bergamo is a symbol, like a state fossil for the USA.
Anyway I hope Fabio Dalla Vecchia will help to clarify about the astounding similarity (are they cogeneric Fabio??) between Preondactyus and Peteinosaurus.

Will anyone be discussing archosaur versus prolacertiform origins? I
haven't heard _any_ pros or cons since 2000.

No. Not in this workshop.
Fabio and myself did plan a long time project on this, based on morphology, but both of us have little, very little time to carry on with it, thus it is still at an embryonic stage. Hopefully, when I will be completely settled where I am now, I will have more free time to get into this.

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