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Re: 19 Questions About Mickey's Analysis For Mickey

> There is a way to make PAUP display a specific
> percent majority rule, but I haven't used it yet.

contree all /majrule=yes percent=90

Standard is percent=50. (Whitespace is irrelevant in PAUP*, so "=", " = "
etc. are identical. The / is not irrelevant, because it separates the
command from its options.)

If you want only the majrule and not the strict consensus, type in
"strict=no" somewhere after the /.

> > If you ever do publish,

You must. When it'll be finished, it'll be better than any 2 published
analyses combined.

> Perhaps.  I'm confused by the attraction Microraptor zhaoianus and
> Utahraptor have for each other.  Not always sister groups, but often
> to each other than M. zhaoianus is to M. gui and Cryptovolans.

Could there be a typo involved...? ~:-|