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?Microraptor? gui/pauli

M. gui was said by its describers to be assigned to
the genus Microraptor due to:
2. Extremely short manual phalanx III-2
3. Manual III-3<III-1 in length
4. Small ventrally skewed distal articulation on
manual III-3
However, Microraptor zhaoianus possess features  very
unlike M. gui and vise versa.  These include:
1. Sternum composed of a single large flat bone in M.
gui, instead of two unfused sternal plates in M.
2. Strongly back turned pubic bones in M. gui along
with long Sinornithosaur-like pubic boot, but that of
M. zhaoianus appears to be much straighter and has a
shorter hook-like pubic boot
3. Bowed tibia in specimens of M. gui
4. Tuberosity on the radius of M. gui
M. gui shares these same distinct characteristics with
Cryptovolans pauli, which I believe to be the same
species as M. gui.  However, should these creatures be
assigned to the genus Microraptor or their own genus
(?possibly Cryptovolans?) due to their few but very
distinct differences?

D. Selvidge

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