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Re: Age of Gobi formations

Not to get too off track, but since Jaime keeps bringing geology into these discussions, we might as well get it right, right? First off, there is no such word as "inconformity" as was used by Jaime in describing the situation with the Morrison and overlying Cretaceous units. Probably, Jaime meant to say disconformity or even unconformity. Second, nowhere does the Sundance Formation overlay the Morrison Fm. It underlies and interfingers with the Morrison, but does not occur in a position between the Morrison and the Lower Cretaceous succession. Dinosaur anatomy is good and all that, but some basic understanding of strata from which they are collected is helpful too.

It is absolutely CRITICAL to nail down the stratigraphic position of fossils as accurately as possible in order to avoid problems of biostratigraphic uncertainty, faulty paleoecological interpretations, and all 'round nonsense associated with lack of good data.

The Sniffer

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