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Re: Feduccia Reviews Paul's DOTA, Comments

> The latter has perhaps the worst cladistic analysis I've seen.

May easily be the worst cladistic analysis ever published.

> The two included birds (Archaeopteryx, Ichthyornis) somehow manage to
> BASAL TO the outgroup (supposedly based on Petrolacosaurus) in his
> tree.  This is impossible in PAUP.

It is possible. (Though the limitation of taxon names to 10 characters
suggests Hennig86.) I've had it numerous times. When I didn't yet know how
to root trees. In short: Martin published an UNROOTED TREE!!!

> Critiquing it would be too easy, so I'll leave it to all of you to laugh


In the improbable case that somebody doesn't get the joke, please tell me,
and I'll make that critique. :-)