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re: New Isle of Wight Pterosaur

Chris Collinson wrote:

The Isle of Wight specimen is even more remarkable, however, in
not only a keel-like snout crest but also a backward-projecting bony
This is similar to that of the famous North American Pteranodon (itself
an ornithocheirid but a distant relative).

This is the first I've heard of this intresting find. Does anyone have
additional Information?


Good news, but perhaps not so remarkable. The basal ornithocheirid,
Haopterus also has a parietal crest that one can find within the jumble.
Slightly more primitive is Cycnorhamphus, which has a indisputable crest
and even more primitive is Frey and Tischlinger's Pterodactylus, which
has a small soft backward-projecting crest. Other more typical
ornithocheirids sometimes have what appears to be a possible crest
broken at the base. Sometimes the entire skull cap is missing.

No other information on the Wight pterosaur. Sorry. But thanks for the

David Peters
St. Louis