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Re: Deinonychus koreanensis

David Marjanovic wrote:
> Ah, I need to foster confusion...
> > Not that sex and gender are synonymous, folks!   And neither is
> > synonymous with genus.  (Or species!)  Geesch!
> In French, and, as I was informed, Dutch, genus and gender are homonymous
> (French: genre). (And if German were a bit more poetic, they'd be homonymous
> in German, too.) English is AFAIK unique in not using the same word for sex
> and gender :o)

If I get off onto the lecture on that, I will be sitting here until I am
a dinosaur and our esteemed moderators will put me on moderated post!

Just one point, however.  In scientific English, sex and gender are NOT
synonymous -- and I wish they weren't used interchangeably in every day
speech because they are not the same thing.  In other languages we have
different definitions for the same word.

Roberta Meehan