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Re: Frills & spills

zone65@bigpond.com wrote:
> > That is interesting... I wonder why Triceratops would be solitary
> > where others would live in herds. Apart from the relative size of the
> > animals & their frill/horn configurations, what really were the
> > differences among the ceratopsians?

Physically speaking, what's the difference between a lion and a tiger?
Practically nothing underneath the hide. Yet behaviourally they are
quite different. Physical characteristics don't necessarily restrict
behavioural adaptations (they CAN, but not always). 

Chimps and Bonobos have quite different behaviours and social structures
as well, and the only real difference (appart from a slight variation in
size) is that they live on opposite sides of the same river! It can be
next to impossible to predict whether an animal lived in groups or was
solitary based solely on their physical form.


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