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Coelurosaurs Fossils In Australia


A remote sheep station in outback Queensland, Australia, is providing
evidence of small, turkey-sized dinosaurs that lived 100 million years

More claws and teeth were found in two days at The Age Of Dinosaurs dig
near Winton, 1,100 kilometres (684 miles) northeast of Brisbane, than
would normally be discovered over 30 years of digging at most sites,
according to palaeontologists.

"We've found lots of wonderful things," said Alex Cook, a senior curator
at the Queensland Museum. 
Until now, evidence of Australian coelurosaurs - raptors the size of a
turkey - had been limited to fossilised footprints, such as those at Lark
Quarry, 110 km (68 miles) southwest of Winton.

But now, volunteers working with palaeontologists have discovered a bed
rich in fossils and fragments of dinosaur bone.
"In two days, we've found two claws from these two-legged dinosaurs and
it's the first time we've found anything like this. They're so well
preserved," he [Scott Hocknull, a Queensland Museum palaeontologist] said.