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Protoceratopsidovum paratoxonomy

 The following paper reassigns the oospecies, _Protoceratopsidovum minimum_,
from the Upper Cretaceous Djadokhta and Barun Goyot Formations of Mongolia
from _Protoceratops_ (Mikhailov) to a troodontid, based on comparison with
_Troodon formosus_ eggs in North America.

Zelenitsky, Darla K., Modesto, Sean P., and Currie, Philip J., 2002,
Bird-like characteristics of troodontid theropod eggshell: Cretaceous
Research: 23, 297-305.

Mikhailov, following the false identification that the North American
_Troodon_ eggs belonged to _Orodromeus_, was working under the impression
that ornithischian eggs (_Orodromeus_) could resemble the _Troodon_ eggs
(which were thought to be _Orodromeus_).

Later, working from the knowledge that the elongate eggs from Montana were
apparently troodontid, Zelenitsky et al. determined that the _P. minimum_
material perfectly matched the _Troodon_ egg microstructure, as well as the
ornamentation and the clutch layout.  Hence, these are apparently troodontid
nests, although the genus and species cannot be determined without
associated skeletal material.

--------Ralph W. Miller III