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Re: Turkey-sized Raptors Found * Sleeping With Dinosaurs * Jurassic Pot Plants * Oldest Biological Molecules Found In Iguanodon * DINOSAURNEWS

**  Jurassic pot plants on sale soon
The Wollemi Pine, a plant from Jurassic times which survived in a single
isolated Australian grove, is set for an amazing comeback

I would just like to clarify something for non-Australasian readers... In Australia and NZ, "pot plants" refers to ornamental plants that grow in a pot (i.e., "potted plants" in American usage). Lest non-Australasian readers believe that Aussie botanists are up to something nefarious in Wollemi.

(I've learned this distinction the hard way: As an Aussie living in the States, I've received some bewildered responses from the locals when I've mentioned that I have pot plants sitting on my window sill. Divided by a common language, as they say....That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

**  Outback hunt for turkey-sized raptors
A remote sheep station in outback Queensland, Australia, is providing
evidence of small, turkey-sized dinosaurs that lived 100 million years ago

I believe this material is that of a (coelurosaurian?) theropod, and comes from the same locality near Winton that yielded the undescribed sauropod nicknamed "Elliot".


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