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Student field work grants available

VRTPALEO subscribers:

The following is posted on behalf of Luis Chiappe.


Dinosaur Institute Student Field Work Grants

These grants support student work in vertebrate paleontology. Only students 
enrolled in a graduate program are eligible to apply. Proposals must be for 
field work and limited to Mesozoic-aged rocks in lands administered by US 
Federal Agencies (Bureau of Land Management, National Forestry Service, and 
National Parks Service). Permits are the responsibility of the successful 
applicant, although they should be processed in consultation with Dinosaur 
Institute staff, and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County should be 
listed as the repository for all specimens collected.

The application consists of a two-page proposal including a budget, as well as 
a synoptic CV (not exceeding two pages), and a letter of recommendation from a 
faculty sponsor (or the equivalent). The successful applicant(s) will be 
expected to report on his or her work in a two-page report due within the same 
calendar year of the grant and including a 100-word summary appropriate for a 
wider audience (it may be posted in the Dinosaur Institute's website). 
Successful applicants are also required to acknowledge the Dinosaur Institute 
Student Field Work Grants and the particular Federal Agency (Bureau of Land 
Management, National Forestry Service, and National Parks Service) in all 
publications resulting from the funded field work and to send copies of these 
publications to the Dinosaur Institute. The Dinosaur Institute reserves the 
right to participate in the announcement of scientific discoveries resulting 
from the funded field work.

Grants of up to $4,000 will be awarded to successful applicants.

Applications and any additional questions should be emailed to:
Luis M. Chiappe at chiappe@nhm.org

The deadline for the applications is May 15th.

These grants are made possible by partial support from Phil Fraley Productions 
and the Infoquest Foundation.

As a condition of receiving a grant, grantees acknowledge that they are not 
employees or contractors of the Natural History Museum, must provide for their 
own insurance, and release and indemnify the County of Los Angeles and the Los 
Angeles County Museum of Natural History Foundation from all costs, claims or 
expenses related in any way to the activities related to the grant