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Paleontology Featured in PLoS ONE

EveryONE, the official blog for the open access journal PLoS ONE, recently highlighted some of the great paleontology articles that have been published in the journal:


As section editor for paleontology, I would encourage anyone and everyone to consider submitting their articles to PLoS ONE. In particular, monograph-length treatments with high resolution color photos and extensive text are welcomed. Also, please note that articles are not selected on the basis of perceived impact or "splash" (although many high-profile papers have been published in PLoS ONE), but rather on the quality of the science and writing. The editorial and peer review process (yes, the articles are peer reviewed) is generally pretty fast (and we're working to improve this, with the addition of more editors, etc.). This is an open access journal, so it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, not just those with personal or institutional subscriptions. Furthermore, PLoS ONE is the only major journal to offer article-level metrics, meaning you can quickly and transparently find out how many people have viewed and/or downloaded a particular paper.

I'm happy to field any questions about the journal off-list (please email afarke@webb.org).