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Re: Dimorphodon dissertation request

Me three!!!!

  David Krentz
On Apr 9, 2010, at 5:08 PM, Robert Margulski wrote:

Please, me too.

Thank you in advance,

At 11:42 AM 4/9/2010, Ville Sinkkonen wrote:
Sarah Sangsters dissertation about The anatomy, functional morphology
and systematics of Dimorphodon macronyx has now been cited in couple
of recent pterosaur papers, and as this seems to be the most recent
and (hopefully) most detailed treatment of Dimorphodon  I have been
trying for a while down track down a copy of the dissertation.
Unfortunately I haven't had much luck.

Would someone on the list happen to have a pdf copy of this
dissertation? If so I would very much like a copy.

Thanks in advance!