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Re: Cómo se dice ther[o]pod y synapsid en español?

Quoting Raptorial Talon <raptorialtalon@gmail.com>:

"** In English, whether *Deinonychus* is stressed on the 2nd or the
3rd syllable changes the vowels of both of these syllables; not so in

So . . . hmm . . .


So German disallows one (or two) of those? English only seems to
prohibit Die-NON-ayekus because it's too tricky to have a long "y"
after a stressed syllable like that . . .

I think David's point was that, in German, though the stress could potentially be placed on either the second or the third syllable, the actual pronunciation of each of the vowels would be pretty much the same, regardless of where the stress fell.

Nicholas J. Pharris