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Re: Scientists conclude asteroid, not volcanoes, wiped out dinosaurs

David M. says:
>... it appears to be a widespread attitude that
> simple (or, rather, simple-looking!) explanations for anything must
> automatically be wrong. That non-sequitur has been a pet peeve of mine
> for... maybe 15 years now, and I'm only 27.

"Simple-looking", is right! The only thing that is _close_ to being
simple about this whole business is that a lump of rock hit the Earth
at x speed, at x angle, at x time relative to x numbers of species
becoming extinct as assessed by us 65 million years hence. Beyond
that, the discussion is all would haves and most likelies. Why one
scientists speculation on the actual killing mechanism is better than
another's is a matter to be decided as evidence builds up over
time...if, given the distance from the event, it can be decided at
all. And to say that a cosmic event--or, for that matter,a volcanic
event--did all the damage, without coming up with a convincing kill
mechanism, is to ignore responsibility to be rational. The event
happened...but the kill mechanism tying it to the event has not been

One thing is for sure, however: it is not going to be simple!